No Equity Home Equity Loans – What Are Your Options

Do you need a home equity loan, but don’t have equity? Fortunately, you have options with a “no equity home equity loan.” You can borrow up to 125% the value of your home with these high loan-to-value equity loans. But these loans have higher costs than traditional HELOC loans or mortgages. So consider all your credit options before taking out a “no equity home equity loan.”Borrowing In A Pinch”No-equity home equity loans” offer credit to those who might not qualify for traditional credit. These quasi-secured loans have rates 2% to 6% higher than traditional home equity loans. Fees are also higher with these types of loans. It’s important that you compare interest rates and closing costs from multiple lenders. Pay particular attention to the fees, points, and penalty fees. These often add thousands to the cost of the loan.Additional Costs With No Equity Home Equity LoansWith no equity to secure your loan, lenders will require you to carry private mortgage insurance. Premiums cost around .8%. But you can drop this insurance once you build up 20% equity through payments or property appreciation. “No equity home equity loans” also have less of a tax advantage as a traditional equity loan. Interest paid on the unsecured amount cannot be deducted.Other Credit OptionsA “no equity home-equity loan” may not be your cheapest source of credit. Consider applying for two types of loans to secure a line of credit. For example, you could do a cash-out refi with your mortgage. Then take out an unsecured personal loan for additional credit. A credit card would be another option. When considering a “no equity home equity loan” look at all your options. Think about the cost and the long term commitment with this type of loan. Remember, that you also have other credit choices to pick from.

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